How to customize highly aesthetic Slideshow Content - Ubilabs developed a new Editing Software

Ubilabs develops high-performance applications, focussing on new technical solutions, prototypes and features. For the Google Maps Marketing team Ubilabs developed a completely new software: an editorial tool which several team members can use at the same time to create images.

Google introduced a new feature called “Backdrop” on Chromecast. The feature shows beautiful imagery on your TV when it is not actively casting content. Using the Chromecast app, owners will be able to personalise the slideshow with photos of several categories e.g. “Places”. Ubilabs was commissioned by the Google Maps Marketing team to design and develop an editorial tool to create images for this specific Backdrop category.

In an explorative process Ubilabs selected satellite pictures out of Google Maps. In a second step Google’s editorial team evaluates these images. After this review process the pictures can be imported and are retouched in color and contrast by Ubilabs. Highly aesthetic images are created in this way transforming landscapes into works of art. Ubilabs delivered about 1000 images for the initial Backdrop release.

Our top 5 links to things we found inspiring

We inspire one another to keep pushing forward, to keep learning, and to always have our eyes open to the world around us. This Monday will want to draw your attention to some interesting projects - see a countries’ ranking of it’s quality of life for older people or have a look of the different levels of legal protection of the internet in different countries. Below is a handful of things that have recently sparked our interest.

Our top 5 links to things we found inspiring

Every Monday, we like to share with you finds that throughout the last week have caught our attention. Exploring the world around us is something important to us, we are consistently captivated by those in the creative community. Travel by camel through the desert or discover Europe by bike - below are some links that inspired us.

USA Delegation of Hamburg

Jens Wille and Michael Pletziger, Managing Directors at Ubilabs GmbH, accompany Hamburg’s Senator for Economics, Frank Horch, on his USA delegation from October, 06th - 11th, 2014. One focus of the trip will be on the topic of IT. The program includes discussions with decision makers and thought leaders from the industry. To learn from Silicon Valley as a leading location will be the target of numerous discussions with representatives of media companies, the IT industry and start-ups.


Our top 5 links to things we found inspiring

At the beginning of the week the Ubilabs team wants to tune you in with some exciting projects. After the Day of German Unity we want to show you some remarkable visualizations of Berlin’s changes and what is left of the wall. Below are some things we found interesting, and we hope these links provide some entertainment, or even inspiration, for your upcoming week.

The Future of Mobility – Visions and Insights at Business Breakfast@Google

As an inspiring news event our Business Breakfast aims at bringing together thought leaders and companies in an interactive format. This time two events were conducted in cooperation with the BEM e.V., the Federation Association eMobility. One event took place in Hamburg and a second event was conducted in Berlin for the first time.

Jens Wille, Manging Director of Ubilabs GmbH, presented exciting case studies pointing out the added value of applications with geo reference. He explained how location can unlock hidden insights. With more meaningful information shown on a map, companies and organizations can substantiate their decisions and engage with stakeholders - an important aspect for the highly innovative branch of e-mobility. Florian Hempel, Director Northern Germany & Berlin-Brandenburg of the Federation association eMobility, discussed opportunities and benefits for the topic complex “new mobility”. Our hosts, Malte Will and Nicolas Heyer, Geo experts at Google, answered questions and explained aspects of particular interest. Even if the participating companies had different requirements due to their highly new branch it became evident that interactive maps offer great opportunities e.g. visualizing charging infrastructure or analysing movement flows.

Our Business Breakfast@Google is planned as a monthly series. If your are interested in our exclusive news event please contact us. The number of participants is limited!


Our top 5 links to things we found inspiring

It’s monday again. Time for the Ubilabs Team to offer our top 5 links as a source of inspiration, fun or profound thought. Maps can unlock many hidden insights: It’s interesting to see how the size of the city you live in affects your social relationship and it’s alarming to watch the decline of population in Japan. Here are a few things that have sparked our interest.  

Our top 5 links to things we found inspiring

Every monday, we share a small list of links that the Ubilabs team has recently been inspired by. We think it is important for creatives to deal with the distinct and subtle signs of our times. Have a look at a great map of Springfield, America’s most beloved town -  or watch how a city transforms within a weeklong festival.  Here are a few things that recently caught our attention.

How to increase workforce efficiency

One of our clients, one of the largest companies in the field of service providing searched for a map-based solution to schedule its employees efficiently. They instructed Ubilabs with the design and implementation of this task.

In a first step Ubilabs developed a visualization based on the Google Maps API, which indicates the employee’s and object addresses on the map. Each purple point stands for an employee. Each blue point represents the accurate location of an object they provide service for. In a second step, the visualization was extended: By clicking on a purple dot you get detailed information for which objects the employee is assigned to. With a click on an object you will receive detailed information about employees working there including their work hours. The connecting line between employee and object visualizes the current deployment plan. Managers can use this map in two ways: They can analyze the information about all their jobs and teams and optimize their work deployment on this basis. They can assess where they should be assigning or hiring more workers and how to optimally place their teams.



Our top 5 links to things we found inspiring

At the beginning of every week, we like to share some interesting links to visualizations, maps and launches of applications that we’ve found compelling. It’s great to see that there are so many projects created for the purpose of making earth a better place to live. We hope you enjoy some of our favorite discoveries.


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