How to increase workforce efficiency

One of our clients, one of the largest companies in the field of service providing searched for a map-based solution to schedule its employees efficiently. They instructed Ubilabs with the design and implementation of this task.

In a first step Ubilabs developed a visualization based on the Google Maps API, which indicates the employee’s and object addresses on the map. Each purple point stands for an employee. Each blue point represents the accurate location of an object they provide service for. In a second step, the visualization was extended: By clicking on a purple dot you get detailed information for which objects the employee is assigned to. With a click on an object you will receive detailed information about employees working there including their work hours. The connecting line between employee and object visualizes the current deployment plan. Managers can use this map in two ways: They can analyze the information about all their jobs and teams and optimize their work deployment on this basis. They can assess where they should be assigning or hiring more workers and how to optimally place their teams.



Our top 5 links to things we found inspiring

At the beginning of every week, we like to share some interesting links to visualizations, maps and launches of applications that we’ve found compelling. It’s great to see that there are so many projects created for the purpose of making earth a better place to live. We hope you enjoy some of our favorite discoveries.

Find your right contact quickly and easily

Ubilabs developed a new visualization tool for one of our clients, a leading provider of trade-​related credit insurance​ solutions with more than 100 years of client support and responsiveness to changing business environments. They are backed by one of the leading financial services providers worldwide.

Our client was looking for a map-based solution that provides relevant regional contact details quickly and easily to prospects and customers. Ubilabs was commissioned to make the technical evaluation and to implement the application on all devices. Based on the Google Map, Ubilabs developed a styled map in the design of the insurance company. The borders of the branch offices are clearly shown. The customer can start his search query via zip code and receives the contact details of the requested office and of all responsibilities in the region.



Our top 5 links to things we found inspiring

From a map that shows the location of all devices connected to the Internet in the world to the question of “How much - and which - alcohol is drunk in the world during a week?” - we can’t get enough of the wonderful things that are shared online by people around the world. Maps with context and data create rich visual stories with impact. Here is a list of things that have sparked our attention.

Martin Kleppe at “London JS Conf”

Martin Kleppe, head of development and co-founder of Ubilabs, speaks at London JS Conf. On the 4th of September the Royal Institution of Great Britain, the home of the electric motor and the laser will host the second JavaScript Conference in London. The venue is home to the wonderful Faraday Museum. In his talk “Byte Shifting”, Martin will unveil some hidden aspects of the languages of the web: how to write scripts with only six different characters, use different alphabets to execute scripts and minify complex cody by hand.

Tickets are still available. Don’t miss it.


Our top 5 links to things we found inspiring

It is such an encouragement to share in the experiences of others. Maps have become an increasingly important way to tell complex, data-driven stories. Here are a handful of links that recently caught our attention. We respect the talent responsible for each of these projects.

Our top 5 links to things we found inspiring

Every Monday we like to share a list of links to some projects and articles that the Ubilabs team has lately been fascinated with. Below are some things we found interesting, and we hope these links provide some entertainment, or even inspiration, for your daily routine and work.

Our top 5 links to things we found inspiring

Seeking out creative inspiration is an important part of being a developer. There are people all over the world sharing fascinating things online which are worth to look at. Below is a collection of links the Ubilabs team found captivating:

Our top 5 links to things we found inspiring

On mondays, we would like to share a handful of links to things we find fascinating, amazing or entertaining on our blog. Whether you plan a trip to a Walt Disney World Resort or dream of an escape into the green - interactive maps provide inspiration and information. Here are a handful of links that recently caught our attention. 

Our top 5 links to things we found inspiring

On mondays, we like to share some interesting links to projects and visualizations we’ve found compelling. Whether it is an illustration of house occupations in Berlin since 1970 or a visualization of cats by country - there are so many good examples which can offer you a new way of looking at the world. Enjoy our favorite discoveries.


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